DBN Seat Post Clamp

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PEMBREE DBN is an entirely new seat post clamp. The double barrel nuts provides the most consistent clamping force in a strong, lightweight and stunning product. Precision machined from aluminium DBN is designed to prevent the crushing of dropper posts by eliminating pinch points that damage post internals. 


Clamp: Aluminium 

Bolt: Stainless Steel TX25

Barrel Nuts: Aluminium 

Sizes: 31.8, 34.9, 36.4, 38.5

Weight: 27g for 34.9

Warranty: 5 Years

NOTE: Seatpost Clamp sizes DO NOT match Seatpost sizes

Consistant Clamping

Due to the double barrel nuts DBN provides a consistent clamping force ensuring the bolt remains straight through-out its travel. This is particularly important when clamping dropper posts to prevent pitch points that damage frames and posts.

Manufacturing Location: Precision Products, Brighton, England. Aerospace accredited

Precision Clamp

Machined to exacting standards ensures a precision fit that is critical to secure clamping. DBN seat post clamp is manufactured from aluminium that is 75% recycled, unheard of in the industry.

Manufacturing Location: PEMBREE, East Sussex, England

Rust Proof Bolt

Machined from stainless steel the precision, custom made bolt provides the core clamping function of DBN.

Manufacturing Location: Precision Products, Brighton, England. Aerospace accredited

Environmental Specifications

Carbon Neutral, including the transport to customers

Materials: All individual components of DBN are fully recyclable.
Recycling aluminium reduces energy consumption by 95% compared to producing new.

Energy: The PEMBREE factory solely uses renewable energy from Ecotricity

Manufacturing: All swarf is 100% recycled. No waste to landfill.

Packaging: All PEMBREE packaging is recycled, can be recycled and is 100% plastic free

Trade In: At the end of life all of your PEMBREE products will be welcomed back for recycling and you will get a credit on future PEMBREE products.

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