Since day one, we've done our best to make every decision for the right reasons. The driver behind this is actually very simple: I just think about my kids, and about doing my part to build the best possible future for them to grow up in.

The right choices.

Selecting our factory, entirely fuelled by renewable energy, was a no-brainer. Deciding to work with local companies naturally keeps a lid on the mileage our parts and raw materials clock up, but that’s not where the positives end.

It also means I can easily keep an eye on the production standards to ensure the highest quality, as well as the ethical standards of the business. The aluminium billet we buy is from the UK.

The swarf left behind after the production process is recycled, again in the UK, ready to be made into other products.

Overproduction is bad for our planet.

The PEMBREE end product is built to last. This doesn’t mean just fitting some decent bearings: every piece, from our pedal spindles to the unique stem bolts, is tested and retested to provide accurate life cycle analysis.

Overproduction is bad for the planet. A component on your bike failing is bad for your trip to the trails. We’re eliminating both.

Made for more.

When we say made for more, we mean it. More fun on the bike, more rides from that pair of pedals, more places to ride for future generations.