How it all started

PEMBREE launched with the R1V flat pedal which was named after the small village of Rivington in the West Pennine Moors. Rivington hosted the Commonwealth Games MTB event in 2002 and is famous for its tower that can be seen on the horizon from miles away. At over 350m above sea level it offers great MTB trails and spectacular views. The R1V pedal aimed to be the benchmark in sustainably produced performance components in the MTB market.  

After the success of the R1V, PEMBREE launched its the D2A flat pedal. The D2A is designed as the ultimate racers flat pedal. Balancing perfectly between traction, strength and weight. Designed and manufactured by PEMBREE in the UK with the strictest environmental standards.

Meet the founder, Phil Law

PEMBREE, from the first ideas I had regarding the brand and the product, has always been about making the world a better place. I thought long and hard about how to do this and how to combine that mission with my love for all things cycling as well as my passion for discovering what makes things tick.

That’s when I decided that I didn’t want to just make components, but wanted to be part of a changing lifestyle – by making it easier for mountain bike riders to be sustainable, but also to challenge the status quo of the mountain bike industry in the hopes that they will also adopt sustainable and ecologically-friendly manufacturing.

PEMBREE was created with 2 goals in mind; one to design and manufacture mountain bike components that are built to last with incredible design features, and two, to challenge the mountain biking industry to obtain a more sustainable and ethical approach.

What PEMBREE does differently from the competition?

I’m proud to say that PEMBREE components are hand-crafted and fully made in England. All components, from the aluminium all the way to the bearings, are sustainably sourced and easily recyclable. 

This was an extremely critical point for me during the development process of this new venture – to be ethically transparent, to be sustainable and to be accountable. Thanks to our partnership with TEMWA, we operate on a carbon-balanced footprint, riders can also help make the planet a little greener. So if I were to mention three things that make us different to the competition, it would be that we produce locally, that we produce on a carbon-neutral level and that we’re doing our bit to help out the climate.

The future of PEMBREE

The PEMBREE story has only just begun, and there are a lot of exciting products in the pipeline for the family run company based in East Sussex, England.