PEMBREE R1V Mountain Bike Pedal

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The PEMBREE R1V elevates the platform pedal to a whole new level of performance and durability. The replaceable Traction Rails and Pins combined with the concave pedal body provide unrivalled grip and support for the rider.

The SKF sealed ball and needle bearings will provide many years of maintenance-free riding and a dedicated spindle seal will keep even the worst of the winters out.
All Traction Pins, bolts and nuts as well as the spindle are stainless steel providing strength and corrosion resistance.

Spindle: Stainless Steel Pedal 

Body: Aluminium

Traction Pins: Stainless Steel

Traction Rails: Aluminium

End Cap: Aluminium

Inner Bearings: Sealed Schaeffler Needle Bearings

Outer Bearings: Sealed Schaeffler Ball Bearings

Pins: 10 Traction Pins per side

Body Dimensions: 100mm x 110mm x 20mm

Weight: 624g

Warranty: 5 years

Leadtime: R1V is made to order and can take up to 4 weeks for delivery

Pedal Body

A 3D concave platform secures the riders feet securely. Chamfers all round ensues that all mud is evacuated quickly especially useful. The anodising is far thicker than our competitors that will maintain its appearance far longer.

Material: Aluminium

Manufacturing Method: 5 axis CNC Milling from solid billet of aluminium

Manufacturing Location: PEMBREE, East Sussex, England

Sustainability: Widely and easily recyclable

Traction Pins

Material: Stainless Steel

Manufacturing Method: CNC Turned

Designed by PEMBREE with exceptional traction they are easily replaceable if damaged.

Manufacturing Location: Precision Products, Brighton, England.

Sustainability: Widely and easily recyclable


Material: Stainless Steel provides an outstanding combination of high strength, good corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties.

Manufacturing Method: CNC Turned

Manufacturing Location: Precision Products, Brighton, England. Aerospace accredited

Sustainability – Widely and easily recyclable


R1V's are manufactured to a much tighter tolerance making them ideal for the highest quality sealed ball and needle bearings from Schaeffler. They are sealed on both sides to ensure years of maintenance free riding. Shaft seals are designed specifically to keep contamination out of the inside of the pedal.

Manufacturing Method: N/A

Manufacturing Location: Schaeffler, Germany

Sustainability: Recyclable by PEMBREE

End Cap

Slimline end cap maximises the distance between the ball bearings and needle bearings, resulting in more a stable spindle, protecting the bearings and their lifetime.

Material: Aluminium

Manufacturing Method: CNC Turned

Manufacturing Location: Precision Products, Brighton, England. Aerospace accredited.

Sustainability: Widely and easily recyclable

Environmental Specifications

Carbon Neutral, including the transport to customers

Materials: All individual components of the R1V are fully recyclable.
Recycling aluminium reduces energy consumption by 95% compared to producing new.

Energy: The PEMBREE factory solely uses renewable energy from Ecotricity

Manufacturing: All swarf is 100% recycled. No waste to landfill.

Packaging: All PEMBREE packaging is recycled, can be recycled and is 100% plastic free

Trade In: At the end of life all of your PEMBREE products will be welcomed back for recycling and you will get a credit on future Pembree products.

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